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buy Autodesk solution. Advantages of Alias Autodesk enables you to capture a dynamic workflow experience and a wide range of design tools through the use of the Alias product design software. Fast at a rapid pace View/edits your designs in real time. Rigorous process validation See design changes quickly and make corrections as you go. When you start modeling, you don’t stop. Just bring your design to life by automatically creating a 3D model from your 2D sketch. With this quick-capture system, you can iterate and refine your designs quickly, using a powerful set of product design tools that will help you get more from your design. Alias's dynamic product design process allows you to capture design details, address errors, and make changes as you go. Creating and exploring designs is easy with the product design tools in Alias. You can easily capture and explore your ideas, and use them as you start to define and prototype your design. With that in mind, there’s no need to add to your project. No waiting Save time by using Alias as your main design tool. With an intuitive user interface and a fast workflow, you can begin designing almost immediately after you start your sketch. You can do all of your design in Alias’s environment, which gives you access to powerful design tools and templates. But for when you want a more conventional approach, simply export your design as a DWG file, then open it in your choice of CAD tool. When you start to design, you don’t stop. As your design gets more complicated, you’ll see your completed product more clearly and efficiently. You can go from start to finish more quickly, as you build a 3D model. Product design tools let you explore, refine, and build your ideas. Use your work surface as a design tool with the help of the Alias interface. Alias lets you explore your design ideas quickly and easily. You can adjust the features and settings on your work surface to look and feel just right for your design. Adjust settings and see changes instantly On the fly. Make adjustments right away as you edit your sketch, and see the changes reflected in your design. Take advantage of intuitive interface tools to navigate and edit your design efficiently. You can




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