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Tarsar Marsar Treks

1. Glades of Aru – The Base of the Tarsar Marsar trek

Aru is almost European in its setting. The village is a cluster of lovely cottages with slanted tin roofs. Willow and poplar trees pop up amidst the cottages. A clear stream runsthrough the heart of the village. To add to its European looks, Aru is surrounded by lovely landscaped grasslands.



2. Around Lidderwat campsite

Just outside our campsite at Lidderwat, towards the Kolahoi glacier, is a  tiny Gujjar settlement under pine trees. It is absolutely stunning to see such quaint.Tiny Gujjar settlements under such big pine trees. Go up to the settlement and observe life from a different era.


3. Climbing the ridge above Shekawas -

There’s a grassy ridge that climbs just behind our Shekawas campsite. It is so grassy that you don’t need shoes to do this climb. Your barefoot will do — and the feeling is glorious.


4. Walks around Tarsar 

There are two walks around Tarsar that are an absolute must-dos. First, trekkers must walk to the far end of Tarsar, towards the other side of the lake. Tarsar is a lake that looks different from every angle you see. From the other side, it almost appears to be a new lake with different views. This experience is wonderful.


5. Spending time at the Jagmargi grasslands 

These are the lovely grasslands that stretch as far as the eye can see, just before the final push to Sundersar camp. You don’t expect it at first. The grasslands are almost like a bay in the mountains. They are desolate, pretty – a sight that is rarely seen on treks. A lovely stream meanders through the grass, gentle as a lamb.



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