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On The Edge - Gwalior


** Day-wise Itinerary**



Arrival at Gwalior, meet and greet. Check in to the hotel. Lunch at the hotel.

Gwalior Fort:
Gwalior Fort dominates the city and is its most significant monument. It has been the scene of momentous events, imprisonment, battles, and jauhars. A steep road winds upwards to the fort, flanked by statues of the Jain tirthankaras carved into the rock face. Within the fort are some marvels of medieval architecture. The 15th-century Gujari Mahal is a monument to the love of Raja Mansingh Tomar for his intrepid Gujar Queen, Mrignayani. The architecture of Gwalior Fort is spellbinding, to say the least. Fortified by solid sandstone walls, the Gwalior Fort is home to three temples, many water tanks, and as many as six palaces. This architectural marvel is to be seen to be believed.

Light and Sound Show:
As the sun sets behind the ancient walls of Gwalior Fort, a captivating spectacle awaits tourists and visitors alike. Every evening, the fortress comes alive with a mesmerizing sound and light show, weaving together the threads of history into a vivid tapestry of narratives and stories. The magnificent architecture of the fort serves as a canvas, illuminated by vibrant colors that dance to the rhythm of the tales being told in the legendary voices of Bollywood actors Shri Amitabh Bachchan and Shri Kabir Bedi.
Show timings:
Show: 7:30 p.m. to 8:05 p.m.

Meal Included : Lunch / Dinner

Arrival at Gwalior



Jai Villas Palace, Gopachal and Camping

After breakfast, visit Gopachal, “Petra of the East.”.
Gopachal in Gwalior is renowned for its ancient Jain rock-cut sculptures and stunning hilltop views. The site features intricate carvings of Jain Tirthankaras and celestial figures dating back to the 7th and 15th centuries. Gopachal offers a fascinating glimpse into Jain art and heritage, attracting history enthusiasts and art lovers alike. This easily accessible site provides a serene atmosphere for appreciating ancient craftsmanship and exploring Gwalior's rich cultural legacy.

After Gopachal, visit the world-famous Jai Vilas Palace.
This beautiful palace was originally built in 1874 by the Maharaja of Gwalior, Jayaji Rao Scindia. Around 35 rooms of the Jai Vilas Palace were turned into the Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum.Here, you can find the Chitrangada Raje Art Gallery and a library comprising over 7,000 books from different genres. This museum has a huge collection of historical artifacts, including swords dating back to the times of Mughal Emperors Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb and the original shield that belongs to Rani Laxmibai.

After the museum visit, proceed to the adventure bonfire camping at Pagara Islands. 
Pagara Island, located within Mani Mukteshwar Lake in Gwalior, is a serene getaway known for its natural beauty. Accessible by boat, the island offers lush greenery, walking trails, and diverse wildlife, making it ideal for nature lovers. Birdwatching is popular here due to the variety of migratory and resident bird species. Adventurers can enjoy boating and kayaking in the calm waters surrounding the island. Pagara Island is perfect for photography, picnics, and relaxation, with stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere. A small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva adds a spiritual touch to this scenic destination. Whether seeking solitude or outdoor activities, Pagara Island offers a refreshing escape in Gwalior.

Meal Included : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Mitawali, Padawali, Bateshwar / DJ night

Breakfast and proceed to Gwalior. After lunch visit: 
Mitawali is a village where the popular Chausath Yogini Temple lies. The temple is perched atop a hill surrounded by lush greenery. As claimed by etchings and engravings in the temple, an ancient shrine is said to have been built by the Maharaja Devapala. In fact, the Parliament House in New Delhi is believed to have been inspired by the circular design and architectural intricacies of the Mitawali temple!

The notable Padavali fortress was built in the 18th century by the Jat Ranas rulers of Dhaulpur. Graciously guarded by a lion and lioness, the fort also has a temple that once served as a divine place to worship Lord Shiva. Every stone used in the fortification and in the making of the temple has something to convey about the ancient era through its inscription and detailing.

The site is not just about one temple; the Bateshwar temples are a cluster of almost 200 mini-grandeurs made of sandstone, devoted to lords Shiva and Vishnu. Spread over 25 acres, these shrines were built across slanted hills near Padavali. The temples were constructed in the 8th to 10th centuries AD, probably during the Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty. Interestingly, the jungle nearby is full of beautiful birds like peacocks, parakeets, and kingfishers. One can often spot the national bird perching and posing on the rooftops of the temples.

Relax in the evening and get ready for the rock on DJ Night! Enjoy the party on the house!
Overnight stay at the hotel.
DJ Night

Meal Included : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner




Check Out and have breakfast. Proceed to railway station / Airport.

Meals Included : Breakfast


Inclusion :

  • 3 nights accommodation on quad sharing

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • All transportation.

  • All entrance tickets.

  • Guide fees Included.

  • Service of a tour manager.

Exclusion :

  • Any Optional Services quoted separately above.

  • Any items or services not specified in the itinerary above.

  • Pre-registration or late check-out of rooms.

  • Refundable rental security bond (cash or credit card)paid direct at vehicle collection.

  • Additional insurances to reduce vehicle excess paid direct at vehicle collection.


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