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Drawing Room

Jai Villas Service Apartment

The Best Service Apartment In Gwalior


Homestays are a new yet ethnic experience of staying in a way-better alternative of typical hotel rooms. Here, at “Jai Villas” a visitor would be served with another level of hospitality. Instead of boring stay in hotels, homestays make you feel like breath in the real air of destination. And not just visit the destination, but discover the real life of place.

Drawing Room


Visit a destination and breathe in the atmosphere as if you belong to the place itself. Live like indigenous people and experience all the real and different specialties of the destination. Don’t just visit the place instead, lift the spirit up and lose yourself in the reality of destination. Experience a panoramic view from the pool-facing balcony. Sit back sipping through that savoury coffee of yours in a complete relaxing mode.

Balcony View


Dine-in for a food that will not let you get bored with typical food-menu of hotels; instead enjoy the taste and aroma of authentic home-cooked food served by hosts 24x7 that would make you feel like residing among no-strangers but your own people.

Dinning Area


Here meet people who are going to host you every now and then; who would do way more for you than just handing over the keys. Be a solo-traveller or group or family with people of any age-group; hosting will be perfect and one will definitely end-up making homely relations. Leave with the bunch of more people in your part and memoirs as well.


  Forget the typical guidebook and time-boundations; but live in your home-like stay and have food and move out according to your own choices and your own preferences because your host is right there on the go to serve you as per your needs; from destination street-walks to major attractions, all of the to-do’s.

Jai Villas, a Home away from Home, which offers you with all those basic and luxurious amenities which you deserve and desire for.

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