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There is always somewhere to be, some new glimmer on the horizon, and the freedom you’ve given yourself by deciding to take a year out means you can spread your wings and pretty much go wherever you please. It’s tempting to think that once you’ve paid for your round the world ticket you can just tick transport off your list of things to do, but in reality those plane journeys are just the start. Once you’re in a country you’re going to need to figure out the best way to get around using its local transport, whether you want to travel the east coast of Australia, explore the city of Bangkok or make your way from one Indian state to another. In this section we’ve got tons of advice on how to do just that, so have a browse through and pick up all our tips and advice on how to get around as a backpacker.


Travelling by air is so exciting. Some people might say it’s also super relaxing too. Up there there’s nothing to do but enjoy the in-flight entertainment, read a book or zone out. Choose your airline wisely and you can also make the most of the free bar and the (hopefully) delicious food on offer too.

Some people don’t like air travel – difficult to believe I know. They can’t stand sitting so close to people, the sectioned food, the air, the claustrophobia or the tiny little toilet – but like anything, start with a good attitude and you’re much more likely to enjoy the experience. If you’re worried about air travel, or just want to know a little more about it, then carry on reading and we’ll take you above the clouds to a magical land.

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